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Is your site mobile-friendly for Google's and Bing’s new search ranking algorithms? Click the toggle to read more...

Leading search engines such as Google and Bing will be changing their search engine algorithms to rank sites that are NOT mobile-friendly less high than mobile-friendly sites. That means, potentially, the visitors that view your site will begin decreasing as long as you haven’t made the jump to making your web site mobile ready.

The GOOD NEWS is I can make your web site mobile-friendly so you will not be graded down. Give me a call and I can explain how easy that can be to do without breaking the bank.

Wanting a Stunning New Web Site?

Many small to medium sized businesses are realizing that hiring a talented freelance web designer makes a lot more sense than paying an expensive and often impersonal design agency. Working as a freelancer, I have been in the industry for nearly two decades and can offer my seasoned talents and skills for a fraction of the price.

My goal is to make building web sites as joyful and painless as possible. I know how important reliable customer service and client care is for the many business owners desirous of building a successful web presence.

Please look over my Services page that will inform you of what expertise I can provide for you. My fees are on a custom basis only, since I do not do cookie-cutter packaged web sites. However, I always take seriously my client’s budgeting needs to provide services that are both reasonable and affordable.

Also, I love doing work for non-profits as my schedule allows. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of assistance.